David Stewart Bowling Green Lost River Cave

In this post, David Stewart in Bowling Green, Kentucky writes about a stunning new attraction that’s been added to Bowling Green’s already impressive lineup: the Lost River Cave group kayak tours. Boat tours have long been available in Lost River, but in the past they were always aboard large tour boats. Now, tourists have the option of taking a kayak tour instead, exploring the waters of the underground system actively and getting to see everything up close.

For some readers, this left a question: how safe is it? After all, caves offer a particularly challenging environment for any kind of tour group, and kayaking is often thought of as an adventure sport. But David Stewart says that Bowling Green’s newest tour is as safe as they come.

For starters, it’s important to realize that the tour is not a white water rafting experience. The Lost River Cave has no rapids of any kind, and indeed very little current. Kayakers of all ages will find that they can paddle at a gentle pace and easily turn, back up and move around freely. There are no obstacles that present a threat to kayakers.

But the creator of the cave tour, an intern from Western Kentucky University’s recreation administration program, still wanted to emphasize safety and make the tour accessible for everyone. That’s why every kayak tour starts with a brief introduction class. Tour goers will learn how to control their kayak and move fluidly through the water. They’ll also be prepped on safety precautions and what to do if they fall out of the kayak, which is uncommon.

Ultimately, however, the tour goers benefit from the best safety net of all: shallow water. If someone does manage to tip over during the tour, they’ll find that they can simply stand up in the underground river, which is typically about waist deep. The tour guide will then help them right their kayak and get back in safely.

As with all tours, the Lost River Cave kayak tour is designed to be beginner friendly and open to people of all ages. The tour guides have found that even people with no kayaking experience at all tend to quickly learn the basics and feel comfortable on the water. They’ve already done a number of tours with families, young children and teenagers.

Exploring an underground river may not be for everyone, but if you’re in the Bowling Green area and like a little bit of adventure, David Stewart think you’ll find the Lost River Cave tour a fun—and safe—option.

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