Foreign Industries: Their Beneficial Impact on Bowling Green’s Economy

As if Bowling Green, Kentucky, could not be known for more than being the home of numerous manufacturers such as General Motors and for being the source of all Chevrolet Corvettes built since 1981, another large surprise comes by: it turns out that Bowling Green has some other growing investments.

These investments include foreign companies. The foreign companies coming in are spurring economic growth for Bowling Green.  David Stewart of Bowling Green Kentucky approves of these foreign companies coming in and helping to spread economic growth. Bowling Green will experience a profitable presence thanks to these foreign companies coming in.

Foreign companies who have come to the area of Bowling Green include Austria, Germany, Canada, Finland, Sweden, France, Japan, and the Netherlands. That is quite a few different foreign companies, which all can help tremendously in the economic growth of Bowling Green.

The foreign industries that Bowling Green has introduced into their community includes steel, automotive parts, plastics, and many others. There is a total of 17 foreign-owned business in Bowling Green, seven of which are Japanese, according to a report from the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.

One country who has had a significant impact on Bowling Green’s economic growth is Japan. Japanese-owned corporations have provided quite a bit for the community of Bowling Green. With seven new Japanese-owned companies in the Bowling Green area, they have supplied a total capital investment of more than $250 million. In addition, Japanese-owned companies in Bowling Green have helped the community to gain more than 700 jobs, according to the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce.

One positive aspect of having foreign-based companies come to the Bowling Green area means that not only will there be more jobs, but there will also be a growth of new businesses and establishments can crop up. Establishments such as restaurants or schools often appear around where a very large and certainly successful company is located.

Luckily, foreign companies in the area are growing. A $150 million venture is the largest capital investment in the state

Foreign investment in the area is growing. The chamber recently announced the location of the Constellium-UACJ – based in Europe and Japan – Body-In-White Plant in the Kentucky Transpark, which has been a complete success. The $150 million venture is the largest capital investment in the state.

David Stewart, a petroleum and oil expert who lives in Bowling Green, certainly approves of the economic growth that the foreign companies are producing for the Bowling Green area. Hopefully new schools, establishments, and restaurants will be seen on the rise as well.